Minecraft suffers frustrating security breach

Continuing a none-too-pleasant theme, Minecraft suffered a little bit of a security breach over the weekend, which saw Mojang pull the game’s servers offline for a little while.

Didn’t take long for the issue to be fixed, however, and the publisher quickly reassured all Minecraft fans that they are completely safe.

Turns out the breach was more annoying than dangerous, according to the studio’s Lydia Winters. She explains there was no leak of passwords or personal information, instead it was a tricky authorisation issue that affected the online game. Essentially, hackers and other nefarious types discovered a way to log in and use other people’s characters – not necessarily maliciously.

Lydia was soon back on the blog, happily announcing that “Things are back up and running perfectly!”. She offers her most heartfelt thanks to a handful of Mojangstas, and also to the fans, who were exceptionally patient throughout the (brief) weekend ordeal.

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