ESRB rating pre-empts Machinarium on Vita

Alert the media: The ESRB has rated a version of robo-fantasy-adventure Machinarium for Vita as well as PS3. One of those, we knew about, but a handheld version is something that dreams are made of.


Unfortunately, Jakub Dvorský from Amanita Design has admitted that while the game most definitely is headed to console, anything else is firmly stuck in fantasy-land at the moment:

We’d like to bring the game also to Vita, but that isn’t confirmed by Sony yet.

Looks like perhaps the ESRB just got in early on this one, covering their bases well in advance of any official announcement (or development, potentially).

The PS3 version of the adorable adventure is headed our way by the end of the year (apparently), with Dvorský describing it as the “ultimate version” of Machinarium, packed with Move support, a zoom feature and even a bunch of sticky hotspots when using a DualShock controller.

The ESRB report gives the game an E10 rating, mentioning “comic mischief” and “use of tobacco”:

This is an adventure-puzzle game in which players assume the role of a discarded robot (Josef) that must defuse a bomb and rescue its girlfriend. Players sometimes advance the storyline by playing tricks on other robots (e.g., scattering marbles to make one character slip and fall, electrocuting a robot cat); one cutscene depicts a character getting hit with a slingshot, resulting in a ‘dizzy-stars’ effect. During one extended sequence, players must construct a makeshift cigarette for another robot to smoke; another sequence depicts a character smoking a pussy-willow plant like a cigar or cigarette.

…and if you really want to get in on the action a little earlier than waiting for the PS3 or Vita versions? Go grab Machinarium on PC or Mac, whatever your flavour.

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