Ubisoft games unplayable due to Uplay outage

Ubisoft is the latest publisher finding itself on the pointy end of a lot of always-on DRM criticism. Over the weekend, the online Uplay service has suffered intermittent outages – and that’s the service that verifies the legitimacy of each PC install. While nothing can ever guarantee 100% uptime, Ubisoft has upset many gamers’ weekend plans, preventing them from accessing their legally-purchased games.

The process should be simple: Provide a username and password and log in to your game of choice – something like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. Unfortunately for fans, despite checking and double-checking their log-in credentials, Uplay is spitting out a “Wrong username or password” error as gamers try to log in.

[img_big]center,7946,2012-01-24/acr_mp_sc_34_dlc2_dyers_artefactassault.jpg,Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – unplayable without Uplay[/img_big]

This isn’t the first time for Ubi‘s technology to fail at a crucial point – the same thing happened back in February, affecting selected games for just a few hours. Back then, the incident was caused by a server transition, and somewhat anticipated, with Ubisoft providing gamers with plenty of warning. This time around it’s been virtual radio silence from the French company, with U.S. Forum Manager Black_Widow9 posting a simple apology:

Sorry for the inconvenience.
The Uplay PC service should now be up and running properly. Please try logging into your game and let us know if you have any issues.

Whether or not the problem has been completely fixed is still unknown, but the advice to PC gamers is to try, try, try again: Eventually you should be able to convince the servers that you are providing the correct username and password, and the computer will let you play your game. (Alternatively, perhaps take a look at another title in your to-play list, and give Ubisoft a little while to recover.)

Console gamers, you’re fine: Play to your heart’s content, there’s nothing we can do to stop you.

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