Celebrate a Very Dark Day with free Darksiders

This week plays home to Friday the 13th – if you’re not there yet, you soon will be. Australia is currently about half-way through, but rather than hiding from the scares and superstitions, the local THQ branch is celebrating, labelling Friday 13th July “A VERY DARK DAY”.

[img_big]center,8035,2012-06-05/Darksiders_II_Online_DeathonDespair.jpg,Darksiders II[/img_big]

Until the clock ticks over to the 14th, THQ Australia will reward Darksiders II pre-orders with a free PC download of the original Darksiders. You can grab the new game on any platform you like (providing it’s one of PC, PS3 or Xbox 360 – while a Wii U version is in the works, it’s not included in this one yet), and this deal is only available through shopTHQ.

…and, because they truly are generous souls, the cats and kittens at THQ Australia are making this deal available in addition to the current Darksiders II pre-order offers, which include:

  • Xbox 360 & PC Box: Darksiders II Season Pass – Day 60 and 90 DLC
  • PlayStation 3: Saints Row 2 PS3 disc at no extra charge
  • PC Download: Darksiders II Season Pass and Metro 2033 PC Download at no extra charge

Remember though, this deal is valid for today only, and only through shopTHQ. Make your own luck!

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