How is Harmonix involved in Hitman: Absolution?

Hitman Absolution is currently on show at Comic-Con, where it’s a bit of a sparkly jewel in the Square Enix crown. However, eagle-eyed attendees have spotted an unusual logo attached to posters of the game that have been put up around the booth.

Hitman: Absolution at Comic-Con

You got some Harmonix in my Hitman!

See it? There, on the left, just across from where the screen reads “Main Menu”. That’s a Harmonix logo.

The thing is, nobody seems quite sure (publicly at least), why it’s there.

Elizabeth Stewart, PR Manager for Square Enix posted the images to Twitter, asking:

What’s wrong with our Hitman signage? Check the logo at the bottom. …is Agent 47 in Dance Central 3?!?! 😛

We’re not sure, but this is definitely worth exploring.

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