New screens shine a light on Epic's Fortnite

Are you at Comic-Con? If you are, you may have just had the world’s first look at Epic Games‘ new co-op sandbox survival game, Fortnite. The game would be featured in a panel, which shed a bit more light on the project which bears very little resemblance to the big-headed FPS Epic is known for.

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The new images we’ve been given show the game’s day and night cycles – something that is crucial to how Fortnite plays out. Use the daylight hours to “explore, forage, collaborate and build” your fort (geddit?), because at nite night, the forces of darkness are coming to get you.

In order to construct the biggest and bestest fortresses, Fortnite features a comprehensive building system, which sees gamers able to use scavenged materials to create structures. The size, complexity and strength of the fortress relies entirely on what materials you’ve used and how you’ve combined them: If at first you don’t succeed, the darkness will probably take you.

[img_three]9775,2012-07-12/Durrrburger.jpg,2012-07-12/NightCombat.jpg,2012-07-12/BuildingFinal.jpg,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

Despite looking and playing very differently to what we’ve seen before, Fortnite is shaping up to be the most epic of games. It’s the first game in the world to use Epic‘s brand new, revolutionary Unreal Engine 4.

Fortnite is also staying true to Epic‘s roots: It’s due for PC-only release some time in 2013.

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