Injustice gets Nightwing, Cyborg, new trailer

This week is Comic-Con San Diego, so we’re expecting plenty of noise about video games, comic books, and video games about comic books. One that we’re particularly looking forward to is Injustice: Gods Among Men, in the works at Mortal Kombat studio NetherRealm.

While things aren’t meant to kick off for a little while yet, the excitement is building with the mumbled reveal of two more playable characters, and the unveiling of a new trailer that’s all about backstory.

Do not adjust your set: It really is just two and a half minutes of a fluttering flag coupled with one of the more epic propaganda voices we’ve heard in a while. There’s no hint as to who is discussing taking action against supervillains and superheroes, but all will be revealed in good time.

Something that has been revealed: DC Comics favourites Cyborg and Nightwing will be included as playable characters in Injustice (they’ll join Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, The Flash and Wonder Woman). According to Polygon, both characters are very different: Cyborg prefers hand-to-hand attacks and some nifty long-range options, while Nightwing is all about the weaponry and the nimble, agile jumps.

Both characters and the new trailer are being shown off at the convention this weekend, so if you’re there, you can see it all first hand. If you’re stuck at home: Sit tight, we’ll have all the news for you very shortly.

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