Spartacus Legends: Fighting in the living room

Gladiators! Ready! Ubisoft is rallying the troops for the release of Spartacus Legends, a “unique gaming experience” for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, set in the world of ancient Rome, as described by the recent smash-hit television series.

We’re not yet able to determine whether Lucy Lawless will feature in the game, but both Spartacus and Crixus have been mentioned by name – as playable characters and as opponents. Your task: Strap on the sandals and experience primeval gladiator moments. You’ll start in the ludus and work your way up to the arena – whether or not you’re a legend by the end of it is up to you.

[img_big]center,9847,2012-07-11/spartacuslegends06.jpg,Spartacus Legends[/img_big]

The game promises a robust skill system coupled with thousands of ruthless weapon combinations. You’ll be able to customise your gladiators (and dismember your opponents) just the way you like, and with both online and offline multiplayer, you’ll be able to take out your friends and work your way up the worldwide leaderboards.

Liam McIntyre – who plays the title character in Spartacus: Vengeance – is reportedly a “big gamer”. The Australian actor played early builds of the game, offering creative feedback, and even allowed his voice and likeness to be included in Spartacus Legends.

The Spartacus television series started in 2010, with Spartacus: Blood and Sand, starring Andy Whitfield. A second season was planned for 2011, but was postponed due to Whitfield’s diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, prompting the release of a six-episode prequel mini-series, Gods of the Arena. Once he was in remission, filming resumed on Spartacus: Vengeance, but soon after the project started, Starz re-cast McIntyre in the title role after Whitfield’s cancer returned (Whitfield died in September 2011).

A third season, subtitled War of the Damned, is currently in development, and will be the conclusion of the Spartacus story – on television, at least. Ubisoft hopes the game lasts a little longer.

At this stage, we’ve just got a handful of screenshots, but if you’re lucky enough to attend Comic-Con this weekend, you’ll be treated to a playable demo of the game, in the Starz Media booth. If you’re not there – you’ll just have to wait like the rest of us: Spartacus Legends is due out in 2013 for XBL and PSN.

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