Crazy Fairies prepares for closed beta attack

By now, we’re all a little bit familiar with the fact that American McGee likes his fairy tales. He likes them so much that he’s made a career out of reinterpreting these classic stories and turning them into dark, bizarre video games like Alice, its sequel Alice: Madness Returns and Grimm. Recently, McGee told us all about the three games he was working on in his Shanghai-based Spicy Horse studio – and today, we’ve caught up with an update on one of them: Crazy Fairies: One World.

Rather than picking just one story, Crazy Fairies collects an entire library’s worth, drawing inspiration from fairy tales across the world – including Arabian Nights. It then takes all of this source material, jumbles it up a little, and turns it into a cross-platform, turn-based multiplayer game that’s a little reminiscent of Worms.

Crazy Fairies: One World in action

Crazy Fairies: One World in action

Continuing McGee’s exploration of game models, Crazy Fairies is a free-to-play title, headed to PC, iOS and Android. Gamers are invited to play one co-op level per day – if you fail, it’s Game Over for another 24 hours. Spicy Horse will make its money through in-game purchases, as gamers pick up nifty new weapons, handy items or extra skills in order to progress more quickly through the game. You can even pay for additional attempts at failed levels, should you so choose. (At this stage, no prices are being discussed.)

This is all “coming soon”, with Spicy Horse remaining tight-lipped on release windows beyond “later this year”. However, if you want to get in on the action before everybody else, the official Crazy Fairies website has instructions on how to sign up for the beta test.

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