Papo & Yo stars in PSN PLAY 2012

In news so fresh it doesn’t look like the publisher’s caught up with it properly, Minority tells us that Papo & Yo will be taking pride of place in the second annual PSN PLAY promotion.

The deal is simple: Just like last year, if you pick up all four of the selected titles, you’ll get a bonus US$10 PSN voucher. Pick up three games? US$6 bonus. Two games? You’ll get US$3 to spend on whatever you like on PSN.

And! If you plonk down a pre-order for Papo & Yo starting August 7th, you’ll receive an exclusive Papo & Yo-inspired PS3 theme.

…but just which games are involved? Here, let me tell you in this handy moving picture:

Each of those games is a little bit exciting:

Minority creative director Vander Caballero explains:

SCEA has been very supportive of us throughout the development of Papo & Yo and that has given us the ability to really make sure our game is the best possible experience. We are incredibly proud to have our first game chosen as one of this year’s PlayStation Network PLAY titles!

Papo & Yo tells the story of a young boy, Quico, and his best friend named Monster. Monster is, appropriately, a giant creature, with an addiction to poisonous frogs. And while he’s a lovely beast most of the time, the moment he eats a frog, he snaps into a violent rage. In a story inspired by Caballero’s own childhood and relationship with his father, Quico makes a dangerous journey through an ever-changing world, trying to find the cure for his best friend.

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