No place is safe: The Walking Dead FPS is coming

The Walking Dead is walking into another video game adaptation, with Terminal Reality picking up the rights to develop a first-person shooter based on the TV series based on the popular comic (yes, the show, not the books).

The Walking Dead Video Game is being developed by the same studio that brought us Kinect Star Wars, but couldn’t be more different. Gamers will guide Daryl Dixon (complete with crossbow) and his brother Merle through a “haunting, unforgiving quest” on their way to Atlanta.

Drew Haworth, Creative Director at Terminal Reality explains:

The work AMC has done with the TV series has been amazing and we’re ecstatic at the opportunity to be brought into the fold.

The studio is made up of fans of the show, and we think other fans will see that the situations and walkers featured in our game are every bit as gruesome and shocking as they are in the TV series – they look, move and react as expected with full authenticity – and they will surprise you. The player’s fight-or-flight survival instinct is constantly engaged. ‘Flight’ is usually a good bet.

Expect to meet the undead in ways that are simply impossible on a TV show. Face off with iconic walkers, who will hunt you down (just like on TV), using “a combination of sight, sound and smell” (no word as yet on whether The Walking Dead Video Game comes with any sort of malodorous peripheral, we’re sorry to say).

Tread carefully – once you’re discovered, it’s never long before the undead are on your trail: Is that risky move really worth it? Carefully weigh up the options – stay and fight (and risk a gruesome death), or stealth your way out of it (and lose some awesome loot)?

No place is safe.

Charlie Collier, president at AMC continues:

Activision and Terminal Reality are working to deliver a powerful combination of a deep, engrossing story with intense action. Daryl is such a unique and complex character and we’re excited to offer fans the opportunity to experience this new video game.

Unlike many zombie games, The Walking Dead promises resources will be scarce – and scattered throughout the map. It’s up to you to ration your supplies, calculating your need for food, medical equipment and water. The survivor may not be the best with a firearm, but rather the gamer with the quickest wit and most analytical mind.

The Walking Dead Video Game is due out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, some time in 2013.

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