Want a job? Frag Dolls are hiring!

This one’s for the ladies: Ubisoft‘s Frag Dolls are looking for some fresh meat to join the team, and are holding an Open Casting Call until July 23rd to find just the right girl for the job.

Remember: Looks can be deceiving. Frag Dolls aren’t just professional gamers (although, of course, that is a part of it) – they’re also a crucial part of Ubisoft‘s marketing and promotions strategy, making this a great entry-level job for girls who want to get into the industry. There’s also a little women-in-gaming advocacy and charity work involved – the fame that comes with the role is just an added bonus.

Frag Dolls in 2011

Frag Dolls in 2011

This last year has been one with a lot of momentum and change as we have greatly evolved in our jobs at Ubisoft, are currently re-training for the competitive gaming scene, and have some big Frag Doll shoes to fill with the departure of a few of our beloved Dolls.


  • Avid female gamer with broad console, mobile and PC gaming experience.
  • Competitive gaming experience that shows drive, passion, and a winning spirit of competition.
  • Ability to work effectively from home with demonstrated self-starter motivation, organization, and follow-through.
  • Experience with and knowledge of appropriate internet and forum etiquette.
  • Poised, comfortable and articulate whether speaking in public or on camera
  • Experience with managing multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, etc..
  • Supports and would be comfortable representing female gaming initiatives.
  • A true team player who is willing to dedicate her passion and focus into building and growing the Frag Dolls brand.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Competency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point.
  • Minimum availability of 20 hours per week.
  • Schedule flexibility for travel throughout the year, especially June – November.

EXTRA BONUS ITEMS: (Additional Beneficial Experience)

  • Experience producing and starring in video content.
  • Photoshop and other graphic design program capability.
  • Experience with Business Development & the creation and execution of creative promotions plans.
  • Experience with online content management systems.
  • Experience with online community management and/or forum moderation.
  • Experience with Live Stream gaming and hosting experience.
  • Experience with advanced coding and web design.
  • Prior term or application into Frag Dolls Cadette Program.

HOW YOU WILL PWN NOOBS: (Casting Job Description)

  • Represent the Frag Dolls and Ubisoft as knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate gamers.
  • Play and promote various genres of games online via Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, mobile, and PC.
  • Compete in online and live gaming tournaments and events.
  • Demo Ubisoft games at live events to media and consumers.
  • Create weekly written and video content for FragDolls.com.
  • Participate in weekly creative meetings, conference calls, and email discussions.
  • Post regularly on the Frag Doll forums and social media networks to foster discussion and build positive community relations.
  • Use social media platforms to raise awareness about the Frag Dolls and Ubisoft, and to build consumer relationships.
  • Utilize media training in press interviews to communicate relevant information about upcoming games and about the Frag Doll team.
  • Conduct video interviews and walkthroughs with developers, executives, and consumers that will be interesting to our fellow gamers.
  • Advocate for women in gaming and technology through interviews, created content, and charity support.
  • Track and report contributions to Ubisoft promotions events using written reports, spread sheets, and presentation slides.
  • Assistance with the development and execution of promotional campaigns and marketing strategies for Ubisoft and Frag Dolls brands.

You also need to be at least 18 years of age and – sorry – you do need to be legally able to work in the United States. The deadline’s just a couple of weeks away, so if you’re interested, better act fast.

…if you’re not interested, but you know someone who might be? Send ’em to the Frag Dolls Casting Call page, which is full of all the information anyone needs to know. And if you (or someone you know) applies, make sure you let us know how you go!

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