Gamebook Adventures now telling tales on PC

“What is a Gamebook Adventure?” This is the question posed by Tin Man Games, as the indie developer opens a new chapter: The first book, An Assassin in Orlandes, is now available for PC and Mac!

Set within Orlandes City itself, nobles are being systematically murdered by a ruthless assassin no-one seems able to catch. Finding yourself thrust in the middle of a large conspiracy, you must make decisions that may put yourself and one other most precious to you in great danger. Can you locate the Assassin in Orlandes before it is too late?

If you’re still unsure just what a Gamebook Adventure actually is, the Tin Man team describe the genre as “compelling adventure stories” with a twist. Just like those books you grew up with, the way the adventure unfolds is completely up to you. Each chunk of narrative ends with a choice – some trivial, others life-changing – and you have to pick a side. The decisions you make will alter the way the story plays out, taking you down new paths and leading to still more choices.

An Assassin in Orlandes

Gamebook Adventure #1 for PC

But! Rather than being a simple, book-only affair, An Assassin in Orlandes and the other Gamebook Adventures boast another exciting feature: A proprietary, dice-based combat system similar to mechanics we’ve seen in Dungeons & Dragons and other table-top games. The beauty of digital shines through: No dice to get lost, this time!

Formerly released solely on handheld mobile platforms (including a recent leap to Android), Tin Man has branched out into desktop machines, and developer Ben Britten Smith is even hinting at a potential console release, if this new version does well.

The game is currently available for both Windows PC and Mac via digital distribution service Desura. If you act fast, you can take advantage of the 50% off launch special, making the game a tiny US$2.49!

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