Cloud support added to Max Payne on iOS

The original Max Payne arrived on mobile handsets a few months ago, and Rockstar has already rolled out the big updates on the App Store.

There are two major changes added in this latest update, the first of which specifically addresses the game’s control mechanic. Predictably, taking a console release and squishing it into a touch-based platform is never a seamless affair, but Rockstar‘s offering failed to include the simplest of controls: It was impossible to move and shoot at the same time.

Max Payne for iOS

Max Payne for iOS

The new update means that this is now enabled, through the right analogue stick – and while the game was thoroughly playable beforehand, it’s much more enjoyable with the extra feature added.

In addition to this, the iPhone / iPad version of Max Payne now features iCloud save support, implemented in a slightly unusual fashion. Instead of making your default save available in the cloud, Rockstar has thrown in an additional bunch of save slots which make use of the extra features. If you want to be able to switch devices, youll have to ensure you save it to a specific slot – but once it’s there, you can pick up and play your game on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you desire. The game is Universal, and plays beautifully on all three, so don’t let your hardware restrict your gaming.

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