Killing Floor Summer Sideshow brings the freaks

With the fireworks out of the way, summer is officially here (if you’re in certain northern parts of the world, anyway). Tripwire Interactive is getting into the celebrating spirit with the announcement of the cheery-sounding Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event. Last year, everybody had ever-so-much fun with the game, it was only fair to bring it back for 2012!

So! There’s an assortment of Summer Sideshow freaks, a new map, new achievements and new weapons – and all of this is freeee to anyone who owns Killing Floor. This, plus a few new playable DLC characters, and an all-new trailer – it’s like Christmas in July!

What’s involved? To start off with, the new map: Hellride. It’s a “cute little carnival ride through Heaven and Hell”, says Tripwire, warning that the monsters on this particular ride are real. Fortunately, there are five new weapons available (all free!), and a DLC pack of four new playable characters: The Urban Nightmare crew.

If you’re a fan of collecting playable people, we’ve heard that Steampunk Mr. Foster will be unlockable once again, but you’ll have to be quick: He’s only there for the duration of the event.

…all the creatures in-game have been replaced by freak show-themed monsters (including Pukey the Clown), there are 16 new Summer Sideshow achievements, 9 new overall achievements, the IJC community weapon pack has been made an official part of the game (adding 5 new weapons), and just when you thought it was safe, Tripwire have added a new playable character, too: Harold Lott, “a tribute to the whole Loadsamoney generation and bastion of 1980s taste.” Thanks to Harold’s special particle effect, when you play as Mr. Lott, you’ll run around leaving your own trail of cash all over the place, shouting “Money! Money! Money!”.

Now you’d better be quick, the Killing Floor Summer Sideshow has officially started as of July 5th, and it’s only running until July 23rd. While that might seem like plenty of time, don’t put it off or it’ll be gone forever!

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