MapleStory LIVE brings all the action to mobile

A new chapter has been added to MapleStory, as Nexon proudly releases a mobile version of the game, known as MapleStory LIVE. Now, the free-to-play online sidescroller is available in a format that’ll fit right in your pocket, regardless of whether you’re a fan of Apple or Android.

Technically it’s not the first time the franchise has dipped its toes into the mobile waters, MapleStory: Cygnus Knights Edition and MapleStory: Thief Edition both received handheld adaptations – but it is the first time a complete mobile version of MapleStory has been made available.

MapleStory LIVE

MapleStory LIVE

So – how does the MapleStory experience translate to this new pocket-sized version? Surprisingly well! It’s the same 2D landscape, with all the animals, monsters and pets we’ve come to know and love. You’re able to embark on quests and deal with enemies just like you can on PC. One obvious difference (at this stage at least) – there are only two classes to choose from: Resistance Mechanic and Dual Blade. (We’re not sure if any extras will be added in time.) To compensate for that a little, Nexon are promising regular updates to bring extra content to the game.

…and if you’re on the fence about checking this one out, Nexon is rewarding early adopters and reviewers by running a week-long event between July 5th (that’s today) and July 11th (next Wednesday), which offers 3,000 bonus candies to fans. The catch? You’ll have to submit a review for MapleStory LIVE to either the App Store or Google Play (formerly the Android Marketplace), in order to be eligible. With a week to go before cut-off, you’ve got plenty of time to hop into the game, check it all out, and come up with something insightful and inspiring. Good luck!

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