Celebrate Independence Day with Big Head BASH!

Despite Spicy Horse studios being located in Shanghai, China, that hasn’t stopped them from celebrating Independence Day in the best way possible: By giving away a heap of free stuff inside BigHead Bash. There’s still a couple of hours left in the 4th of July BASH-Free 4 All, which sees all in-game weapons purchasable for the low, low price of 0 tickets.

BigHead Bash

…sounds like fun!

You can’t necessarily keep all your cool, free stuff, but you do get a discount on the things you want to hang on to.

Specifically, the things updated on July 4th include:

  • In-game chat
  • Free Tryouts: On July 4th all weapons, including token-only ones, will be available for a one-day try-out, with no level requirement.
  • 50% Discounts: Also on July 4th, all token purchased weapons will be 50% off.
  • Pro Tip: Experience Bonus. Since you will have all the weapons in your collection during this day, you’ll be at least Collector Level 16. This gives you 100% bonus for both ticket earning and experience earnings.

If you’re already out blowing up small chunks of your neighbourhood, or sleeping, or doing something else to celebrate your country’s independence (or, y’know, living somewhere that’s not the United States), you don’t miss out completely. The free gadgets and gizmos may slip past, but coming up later this week is another new update, bringing with it a bunch of bug fixes and performance optimisations, plus a Ninja Pack of nine new toys, and an all-new level: Bad Place 2.

To get in on all the action from the creators of Alice: Madness Returns, head to BigHead Bash on Kongregate, where the game is technically still in Beta, but is still thoroughly playable. Make sure you have the Unity player installed, and you’ll be good to go. Happy Bashing!

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