Tokyo Jungle celebrates 200,000 copies

Tokyo Jungle is the game on everybody’s lips. Everybody’s either looking forward to it, or hasn’t heard of it (except for one friend of mine who’s a little apprehensive the game will either be “too serious” or “not serious enough”). If you fall into the latter camp, it’s okay, we’ll bring you up to speed. And if you are already aware of the wonder that is Tokyo Jungle, we’ve got some good news from Japan.

First things out of the way: There’s still no western release date for the game. Sorry.

[img_big]center,9177,2012-06-04/20505tokyojungle_03.jpg,Tokyo Jungle[/img_big]

A little recap: In the not-so-distant future, humans have become extinct, and animals now rule the roost (so to speak). Pets have gone rogue, zoo animals escaped, wild creatures roam the streets – and every one is trying to survive in this strange new world.

  • Hunt prey, feast on plants and do whatever it takes to stay alive.
  • Find a mate and then continue the fight for survival as your offspring, with each generation growing stronger.
  • Play as dozens of different animals from dogs to deer, lions, crocodiles, dinosaurs and more.
  • Upgrade your skills by unlocking and wearing items of clothing.
  • Face challenging missions and discover why humans have disappeared.
  • Team up with a pal in two-player missions offline.
  • Earn trophies and compare your survival skills in online leaderboards.

Play the game in Story mode, where the fuzzy Pomeranian stars, or in Survival, where you’ll have to duke it out with other animals for as long as you can. While it might sound like a simple, throwaway title, Tokyo Jungle is strangely complex, featuring more than 50 different types of animals (including dinosaurs!).

A statement from Sony that in the first month of being on shelves, the sale/shipment number for Tokyo Jungle is officially more than 200,000. That includes sales of the download version as well as shipments of the Blu-ray discs. To celebrate, Sony is showing a special commercial for the game on public monitors around Shibuya, Japan.

…if you’re not quite in the best geographic location to check it all out, don’t worry, we’ve got the video right here for you. Roughly translated, the commercial observes the 200,000 sales figure and says “Let’s go for 210,000!”.

The game was a disappointing no-show during Sony‘s E3 presentation this year, but we have heard since that Tokyo Jungle is indeed headed to PlayStation Network in the west, albeit with no official release date.

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