Creepypasta: Slender Man stars in his own game

The Slender Man is a tall, elongated figure, with a featureless face. He appears in the background of black and white photos shortly before tragedy strikes… and now, he’s appearing (or is he?) in a new, terrifying game from Hadley/Parsec Productions.

It is night-time, and you have been asked to collect eight manuscripts – each one about the Slender Man – which have been scattered throughout a forest. While he’s not outright trying to prevent you from finding the pages, Slender Man is in the same forest, and the longer you look at him, the more damage you’ll sustain.

Of course, people will tell you that the Slender Man is not real. They’ll tell you that he’s a myth, and he started in a Something Awful thread comprised of spooky “fabricated” images.

The game itself – an indie offering, of course – features dim lighting and a colour palette which means that before too long, you’re no longer sure if that tree really moved, or if that branch was there a moment ago, or if…

Slender is currently in beta (v0.9.1), and while it’s not the only video game about Slender Man, it is reportedly the “freakiest”. Somewhat predictably, the official website has been swamped with traffic and crumpled under the load, but we have a download of the game available in both a Windows version and a Mac version, just for you.

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