Moshi Monsters go off the wall with huge stickers

Walls 360 has been floating around for a while making huge wall-sized stickers, and today it’s turned to the Cute Side, releasing a massive collection of Moshi Monsters-inspired wall graphics.

Starting today, there’s an all-new collection of re-positionable stickers (printed on a sort of fabric paper that prevents tearing), starring giant Moshi Monsters and Moshlings, from the smash hit gaming brand.

Moshi Monsters by Walls 360

Moshi Monsters by Walls 360

A quick recap of Moshi Monsters, for those who haven’t seen it: It started out as a sort of Tamagotchi-style online game, where gamers are invited to adopt their own free pet monster, play mini-games, solve educational puzzles and generally hang out in a safe, adorable, in-game world. Since its inception, Mind Candy has branched out to include games for DS, as well as a whole bunch of books and comics, and an assortment of other real-world products. At last count, the original online Moshi Monsters had more than 65 million registered players.

…and now, the Monsters and Moshlings are escaping the confines of the screen, and appearing – larger than life – on your walls!

Darran Garnham, Chief Business Development Officer of UK-based developer Mind Candy explains:

We are excited to be launching this new range of Moshi-themed, re-positionable wall graphics in partnership with Walls 360. Walls 360 on-demand wall graphics are customizable and colorful and bring the world of Moshi Monsters to life like never before.

Tavia Campbell, co-founder and COO at Walls 360 is also thrilled:

Children around the world love Moshi Monsters in the virtual world, and with the launch of Moshi Monster wall graphics, now they can bring their favorite characters to their own walls in the real world.

But wait. If you’re not completely convinced by these cute cartoon critters, there are a bunch of grown-up options as well. Walls 360 boasts a collection of video game-inspired galleries including Plants vs. Zombies, perennial favourite Tetris and even a selection of EA titles (we personally like Mass Effect 3, Alice: Madness Returns, Battlefield 3 and Dead Space 2). There’s also a whole lot of non-games-related graphics including life-size classic Star Trek poses, Paddington Bear, breathtaking panoramic wall murals, a vintage poster collection that must be seen to be believed, and we’re promised the music collection is “coming soon”. (Don’t see something you like? There’s a Custom option available, too.)

Based in an awesome new office in Las Vegas, Walls 360 will print your graphics on demand and ship ’em off to wherever you’d like. Just pick your print, pick your size (anywhere from a 6-inch wall badge all the way up to an 8-foot panorama), and away you go. The wall graphics are re-positionable, easy to install, and can be re-used up to 200 times without leaving a mark.

Also, it’s only fair to mention that co-founder and creative director of Walls 360 is none other than Australian Yiying Lu, the creator of the world-famous Twitter “Fail Whale”.

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