MegaDriver: Brazilian metal takes on Street Fighter

Brazilians are known for their passion, in whatever form that takes. For one band, that passion is split evenly between two great loves: Music and video games. We’ve spoken about MegaDriver before, and they’ve now popped up again with their new song – Wrath of the Raging Demon.

With plenty of double-kick drums (and double-click action), Wrath of the Raging Demon is inspired by Akuma (Gouki) from Street Fighter, and tells the story of a man who suffers a terrible battle addiction – to the point where he becomes a demon. And we have all the lyrics (in English!), so you can sing along.

Born as man, raised a demon, forged by the arts of shadows
The intent to kill, addicted to battle

Guided by the fire that burns in the night
No mercy, no sorrow, just fight in his heart
The instant hell murder, the fatal strike

Only the greatest will fall before him
Fierce and furious the challenge must be
To fight is the greed

Oh! Behold the magic taking control!
It’s the wrath of the raging demon devouring your soul!

You’re not worthy of fighting me!
That’s why I will let you live!
Just an ordinary human…

I wear in my neck the mark of powers
I’ve killed my old master to prove my honors
Don’t bow before me, stand and fight me!

For I am the fire! I am the beast!
I fight to the death, I’m the fist master supreme!

Pioneers of the “Game Metal” genre, MegaDriver don’t believe in keeping to themselves. If you like what you hear, click over to and check out the comprehensive MP3 collection – choose from single tracks inspired by Pitfall, Eternal Champions, Castlevania and Golden Axe, or snag one of the nine full-length albums.

…and it’s thanks to MegaDriver that we now know about the amazing-sounding NerdRio festival, taking place in Rio de Janeiro on September 9th. Expect a bunch of musical acts (including, of course, MegaDriver, plus the Castro Brothers, piano virtuoso Vinheteiro and Um Joystick, Um Violão), as well as cosplay contests, a handful of discussions and panels, a LAN gaming area, card games, visual arts, and a few Space Jedis lurking around the place.

The website is entirely in Portuguese, the event is in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, and we can’t quite figure out how much tickets are – but if you happen to be in South America on September 9th, this is probably something worth checking out.

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