Ex-EA developers try to Catch The Ark on iOS

When the big rains came, Boon, Titan and Skragz were not allowed on Noah’s Ark, dooming the colourful trio to certain extinction. That is, unless they can find a way to catch up with Noah’s floating fortress, but the floods have created some pretty perilous rapids between here and there – and all the creatures have is this tiny raft!

[img_big]center,9797,2012-07-02/CatchTheArkScreenshot3.jpg,Catch The Ark[/img_big]

This is Catch The Ark, a new game from Australian indie developer PlaySide Studios. While it might be the studio’s grand debut, it’s hardly the first game Gerry Sakkas, Mark Goulopoulos and Aaron Pasias have worked on – all three have risen from the proverbial ashes of Visceral Studios, which was closed by EA in September 2011. The three – and their colleagues – have a “deep seeded desire” to get the hell away from AAA development and big-studio hierarchy, so PlaySide has evolved into much more of a cohesive team where everybody contributes to the design and creative process.

After forming a studio, and sketching out just what PlaySide would be about, the team started discussing their first game. Dozens of concepts were drawn out, described, pitched and prototyped, but Catch The Ark quickly proved to be the strongest of the bunch.

[img_big]center,9797,2012-07-02/CatchTheArkScreenshot.jpg,Catch The Ark[/img_big]

  • Console Quality Graphics – Stunning to behold, boasting rich animation and beautiful wild water, Ark’s visuals set a new bar for the genre
  • Memorable colourful characters – These one-of-a-kind creatures that never made it on to Noah’s Ark will win your heart
  • Deep & varied gameplay – Dodge rocks and obstacles, collect special power-ups, face mini-bosses and dangerous creatures as you ride further down the river
  • Pimp your ride – Unlockable rafts and special visual effects to make this wild waterborne journey your own. Face this aquatic Armageddon in style!
  • Unique Multiplayer modes and social features – Taking the competitive nature of score-attack games to the next level.

…even though this is the first we’ve seen of Boon, Titan and Skragz, something tells me this won’t be the last. PlaySide have taken the time to carefully plot out just how the franchise will flow, rather than focussing all of their energy and attention on just one title. And, covering all their bases, we’re reassured that the head sizes of the characters will translate beautifully into a series of toys and figures. Just so you know.

Catch The Ark, and endless runner – on water – is due out Q3 2012, for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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