Crytek updates Fibble, exclusively for iOS

While gamers wait (im)patiently for Crysis 3, many are overlooking the fact Crytek‘s new game has already hit the virtual shelves. In fact, today sees the first content and feature update for the game: Gaikaible – Flick ‘n’ Roll, an iOS exclusive release.

After helping Fibble find his friends and navigating the rooms of a suburban home, your adventure is not yet complete. This time, try not to leave any of your crew members behind! The only way for Fibble to save the day is to return to earth and retrieve Klonk. You’ll have to find your way through the garden in order to get back to the spaceship, but be careful; it’s no stroll through the park!

Launched a little earlier this year, Crytek have just put the finishing touches on the game – including nine new “lost” levels in the game’s existing areas. There’s also a whole new area for your exploratory delight, including eight new levels and – wait for it – the return of forgotten friend Klonk.

Klonk isn’t just a pretty face either – he’s able to help you find alternative ways to play, helping Fibble and company to get home.

Kristoffer Waardahl, Studio Manager of Crytek Budapest explains:

With the feedback we’ve had from our growing Fibble community, we decided to extend the adventure. We have seen that most gamers really enjoyed playing it and were wishing for more levels to try their hand at. We were only too happy to oblige, not just by adding a new area to explore, but also by extending the gameplay of the former rooms. Our main goal is to make Fibble a great gaming experience for our fans, and by taking their advice on board we hope to achieve this and plan to release further content updates in the future.

Fans have also requested Fibble Skins, iCloud support and social media features including ties to both Twitter and Facebook – and Crytek has delivered. Gaikaible – Flick ‘n’ Roll is out now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and for a short time only, it’s available for just 99cents.

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