Total War series heads back to Rome

Strategy is returning to Italy, with news that Creative Assembly is working on Total War: Rome II, promising the largest, most cinematic real-time battles we’ve seen before – combined with an expansive, turn-based campaign.

Rob Bartholomew, Brand Director at The Creative Assembly explains the choice of location:

In our 25th year of games development, it feels fitting to return to our most critically acclaimed era. There’s been a multi-generational leap in technology since the original game and we are ready to set another benchmark in gaming.

[img_big]center,9795,2012-07-02/26752TW_Rome_II_Urban_warfare.png,Total War: Rome II[/img_big]

The original Rome: Total War was released in 2004, the third in the Total War franchise. Considered to be one of the greatest games of all time, fans adored the challenges of managing diplomacy and population growth alongside waging real-time battles against neighbouring cities and houses.

Mike Simpson, Creative Director continues:

Our games have always encompassed a grand vision. But we’re now pushing that vision at both ends of the spectrum. From the immense reach of the sandbox campaign right down to the human-level drama of a single warrior on the battlefield, we’re aiming for an unprecedented level of detail and scale.

That “immense reach” includes the perilous political machinations of the senate, while on a smaller scale there are family dilemmas, questions of loyalty and allegiances under fire. Taking a great army into battle, in comparison, is a minor element of the roles you’ll have to take on as you lead the world’s first superpower.

  • The creators of the award-winning Total War series set a new benchmark for strategy gaming quality and depth, taking their signature mix of real-time and turn-based gameplay to new heights.
  • An epic-scale turn-based campaign mode in which to plan your conquest of the known world – in any way you see fit.
  • Feel the thunderous clash of battle as the Roman war-machine takes to the field in real-time combat. Tens of thousands of men collide in bone-splintering detail that you directly control.
  • All-new graphics engine: see exotic ancient cities and colossal armies rendered in incredible detail, while jaw-dropping cinematic battles unfold. New unit cameras allow you to see the battle from every perspective.
  • Completely scalable experience, with performance optimised for your PC or laptop. Witness the awesome scale of Total War: Rome II, no matter what your spec.

Currently in development exclusively for PC, Total War: Rome II is due for release some time in 2013.

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