Guild Wars 2 prepares for August launch

The final beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 will take place across July 20-22 – and do you know what that means? After half a decade of development, Guild Wars 2 is very nearly “finished”, with publisher NCSoft confirming the subscription-free MMO will arrive on virtual shelves on August 28th.

Mike O’Brien, president and co-founder of developer ArenaNet explains:

We’re offering gamers an experience that delivers on the promise of online gaming with a truly social experience in an immense, shared world.

After five years of creation, development, and polish, announcing the launch date of Guild Wars 2 is a huge milestone for us, but the thing we’re most looking forward to is seeing gamers from all over the globe explore this world and begin creating their own stories.

The original game sold more than seven million units, so GW2 has a little to live up to. Rather than merely copying its predecessor, ArenaNet instead chose to thoroughly redefine massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, throwing action-oriented combat, dynamic events, customisable storylines (unique to each player!) and team-based PvP (pick a small team or join a massive army) into a stunning, living world shared online where player factions form allegiances rather than rivalries.

…and did we mention, there’s no monthly fee?

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