Dishonored: E3 gameplay footage, two ways

One of the highlights of this year’s E3 was the behind-closed-doors demonstration of Dishonored. Co-creative directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith walked us through a chunk of gameplay surrounding the in-game location The Golden Cat. The simple demonstration showed off two very different play-styles, illustrating how many options are available, and how varied in-game experiences can be.

Now, videos of both playthroughs have been published by Bethesda, so even if you weren’t able to make it to Los Angeles earlier this month, you can still get a glimpse of just what all the fuss is about.

The mission in both videos is the same: Eliminate the Pendleton Brothers, two corrupt aristocrats. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as it’s done.

So firstly, let’s take a super-stealthy approach.

A quick refresher: Dishonored sees you don the mask of a supernatural assassin, framed for the murder of his beloved Empress. Driven by revenge, you are given a number of tasks and targets – and the outcome of each mission depends on how you play through the game. There are no outright penalties for your choices, but we have been warned that the less discriminating you are, the greater the repercussions will be when it comes to end game.

…if that doesn’t bother you, and you’d prefer to cut straight to the action, feel free to run in, all guns blazing. Things may not go as smoothly as when you’re cloaked (in this instance, you’ll encounter the street patrolling Tallboys), but hey – if you’re into guns, explosions and making a scene, that’s always an option.

A worthy note: While the focus of Dishonored might seem to be on killing and efficient dispatch, Arkane Studios have provided you with a super-flexible combat system which actually means the game is playable – start to finish – without outright killing a single soul.

For more information on how that all works, plus some hands-on observations, take a look at our recent video interview/preview from E3, where Lead Designer Ricardo Bare provides a little more back-story, as well as some hints of what’s to come.

Dishonored is in the works for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, arriving around the world in October 2012.

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