Japan: Civilian deaths punished in Sleeping Dogs

As we know by now, different countries have different laws when it comes to video games. What’s fine in some parts of the world is very not fine in others – and while that can often be amended by simply changing the colour of the liquid flowing from a now-dead opponent, other times it requires a little more attention to detail.

[img_big]center,6740,2012-04-13/8106Punch_Close_JL_01.jpg,Sleeping Dogs[/img_big]

Enter Sleeping Dogs, which will be released in Japan as Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Secret Police a month or so after it hits the rest of the world. The name and the Japanese subtitles aren’t the only things that have changed: Square Enix has confirmed United Front is making a few other modifications to the game. Most are minor – an alternate camera angle removed issues with a scene containing sexual references. A violent scene involving exposed bodily organs has been edited. A character who officially starts a street race has also been removed, because drivers were able to “accidentally” run them over.

In addition to those though, there’s a somewhat more major difference: For the Japanese release of Sleeping Dogs, United Front has added a penalty to certain missions for attacking innocent civilians.

The nature of the penalty has not yet been revealed, and even this change was not enough to avoid Sleeping Dogs Hong Kong Secret Police being awarded the CERO Z adults-only rating in Japan, meaning it must be stored behind the counter and only provided on request.

Sleeping Dogs is set for release starting August 14th in North America, Europe and Australia, with Japan following on September 27th. For more of a taste of what’s in store, check out Josh’s hands-on preview.

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