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Nadeo is best known for its TrackMania series – a fast-paced, time-trial racer with an exceptionally customisable track editor. Now, the French company’s taking a different track (pardon the pun), producing ShootMania Storm, a competitive FPS based on several of the successful elements of the first game.

First hinted at during Ubisoft‘s press conference at E3 2011, we’re only now starting to see just what’s on the table – and what we’re seeing is shaping up to be a pretty intriguing ride.

A fast paced FPS where players like you are given the central stage. Come to enjoy the pure online madness in 1v1 or team based battles. You decide what you want to play, and if it is not available, it’s up to you to create it and show the ManiaPlanet gaming network what you are all about.

…want in? Show off your speed and register for the ShootMania Storm seven-day closed beta, but make sure you do it before registrations shut down on July 2nd! Head over to the ShootMania website and sign up with your details, and your registration key will wing its way to you shortly.

What’s in store? A “wide range” of content and modes, we’re told:

  • Joust: 1v1
  • Elite: 3v3
  • Siege: 5v5 (NEW!!)
  • Melee: Free for All
  • Royal: Free for All with the dome over the map shrinking
  • Battle: Team vs. Team, no size restriction
  • Time Attack: Perfect for training

What you won’t be seeing? A wide variety of weapons. Instead, Nadeo want you to concentrate on playing the actual game, rather than spending time fumbling with your new pistol. Incidentally, the primary weapon for the game? A handy dandy rocket-launcher. What could possibly go wrong?

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