Comic-Con: Fortnite to be detailed and discussed

Following the announcement at last year’s Spike Video Game Awards, we haven’t really heard much about Fortnite, the new title in the works from Epic Games. We were hoping to catch a glimpse at E3, but – alas – looks like our princess was in another castle: Epic is planning a big reveal at Comic-Con, instead.

Fortnite is something a little different for Epic, best known for blockbuster AAA titles like the Gears of War series and Unreal Tournament. While we’re promised the same AAA production values, this new game (created during a company-wide game jam) is focussing on a wider, but “entirely different, more casual” audience.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, July 12th – that’s when Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski, producer Tanya Jessen and lead artist Pete Ellis will take the stage to discuss inspirations, gameplay details, and “why Fortnite is taking Epic Games in both a classic and all-new direction”.

…as well as all that talking, attendees will be “the very first people in the world” to see some actual Fortnite gameplay. I don’t have to tell you how jealous we are.

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