TF2: Pyromania Day 2 brings the goods

Day 2 of Team Fortress 2‘s Pyromania celebrations, and Valve is giving out the presents. But not just to the Pyro, because that would be playing favourites. Instead, the Scout, Sniper and Soldier are also in the firing line to receive nifty new weaponry, thanks to todays’ update codenamed City on Fire.

Team Fortress 2: City on Fire

Ah, beautiful downtown Teufort

Downtown Teufort: The mighty Manhattan of the Badlands. The Big Gravel. The City That Never Seeps (the slogan of our campaign to let people know we’d started getting a handle on our world-famous sewage problem). Whatever you want to call them, these streets are filled to bursting with opportunity (and, depending on the weather, up to knee-height with sewage).

Maybe you read that article in Tourism Monthly (“Teufort: It is Horrible”) and you’re worried about murder, thievery and tramp attacks. Don’t be! Thanks to our lack of a fire department, they’ve got bigger things to worry about than you: Putting out all those methane fires.

Scout – The Public Enemy
Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol – Pistol
+15% max health on wearer
Wearer never takes falling damage
25% slower firing speed
50% fire damage vulnerability on wearer

Baby Face’s Blaster – Scattergun
40% more accurate
On Hit: Builds Boost
Run at up to double speed of maximum Boost
-30% damage penalty
35% slower movement speed on wearer
Boost resets on jump

Sniper – The Urban Professional
The Cleaner’s Carbine – SMG
On Kill: 3 seconds of 100% critical chance
-20% clip size
35% slower firing speed
No random critical hits

The Hitman’s Heatmaker – Sniper Rifle
Gain Focus on kills and assists
Focus activates on Fire when Focus meter is full
In Focus: +25% faster charge and no unscoping
Headshot kills cause decapitation
-20% damage penalty on body shot

Soldier – The Dumpster Diver
The Beggar’s Bazooka – Rocket Launcher
Hold Fire to load up to three rockets
Release Fire to unleash the barrage
+3 degrees random projectile deviation
Overloading the chamber will cause a misfire
Cannot collect ammo from dispensers

The Scorch Shot – Flare Gun
Flare knocks back target on hit and ignites enemies in a small radius
-50% damage penalty

…the Pyromania update will all come to a head in just under 24 hours from now, with the launch of the long-overdue “Meet The Pyro” video for Team Fortress 2. If you want something else to read in the meantime, there’s another tasty Easter egg tucked away at the bottom of the official site.

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