Activision awards $250,000 to indie developers

When one thinks of “independent game developers”, one doesn’t neccessarily think of Activision, but the major publisher is looking to change that, as it announces the winners of the Activision Independent Games Competition, judged by IndieCade.

Planet Smashers, second prize in the 2012 Activision Independent Games Competition

Second prize: Planet Smashers

Dan Winters, Activision‘s Vice President of External Development explains:

We were excited with the quality, creativity and diversity we saw in the submissions we received for the Games Competition.

While the games themselves varied, the unifying theme for everyone involved in the competition has been passion. We want to thank the talented developers who submitted their work and our partners at IndieCade. The energy and enthusiasm of the indie community continues to inspire us and we’re thrilled to help make their dreams become reality.

Two prizes were awarded this year, with second prize (and US$75,000 cash) going to Michael Stanton and his multiplayer action title Planet Smashers, built from the ground up on an original engine.

The grand prize – including US$175,000 in cash – was awarded to Iron Dragon from Christopher Hui, an “action flight adventure” designed for modern touch-screen devices.

Iron Dragon, first prize in the 2012 Activision Independent Games Competition

First prize: Iron Dragon

The important thing to note with Activision‘s competition – unlike many other “indie” challenges – is that the independent developer retains full intellectual property rights for their works, as well as receiving a decent pile of cash for their troubles.

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