Long-awaited Fez patch adds game-breaking bug

Indie darling Fez is back in the spotlight after the patch gamers had been waiting so long for was shown to corrupt its own save data.

Developer Polytron reports that the company is “floored” the bug made it through the rigorous testing required by Xbox Live Arcade. The patch itself fixed a whole bunch of errors, which gamers had been demanding for months.

In a series of “Good news!” “Bad news!” posts, Polytron rode a rollercoaster of emotion as the patch was first launched, then the bug was found, and then – under the headline “Crisis semi-averted!“, Microsoft entered damage control mode and pulled the patch.

If you have been affected by the Fez corrupt save issue, you may be able to sneak your way out of it by simply deleting your system cache – but if that fails, Polytron says “there is no known workaround”. Sorry.

The developer is working with Microsoft to figure out what caused the problem and fix it “as soon as possible”. Don’t worry, we’re promised the next Fez patch will take less than a couple of months, this time.

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