The beauty of an event the size of E3 (45,000 attendees in 2012) is that everybody walks away with their own experiences, their own highlights, and their own interpretations of just what went on. Even though members of the Player Attack team saw many of the same things, we appreciated different things, so it seemed like a good idea to get a couple of us together to chat about how we saw E3.

Chad Habel dropped by Player Attack HQ to hang out on camera with me (Jessica Citizen) and we talked about what we liked, what we didn’t like and – importantly – where the event and the industry can go from here.

For more information about what we got up to – all of our E3 2012 coverage has been collated in one handy-dandy page, with still more to be added (c’mon, we did nearly 40 on-camera interviews, plus hands-on/hands-off previews, plus press conferences and other appointments – not bad for a three-person team!).

Chad has already taken the time to share a detailed Dishonored preview, while Jessica’s SimCity interview and write-up is coming soon.

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