11 Video Interview: Nnooo

When we caught up with Nnooo at Game Connect Asia Pacific late last year, we’d just found out that the developer was the only independently-published Australian company given approval to design games for Vita. At the time, the guys were hard at work on not one, but two new versions of escapeVektor, for both Vita and 3DS.

Fast forward a few months and we caught up with Nic Watt and Bruce Thomson again, this time at E3, to find out what’s been going on at Nnooo, what they thought of the expo, and just how long we’ll have to wait to get our hands on their new handheld titles as well as the eagerly anticipated DSi release Spirit Hunters, Inc.

If you want to know just how long we’ve been waiting for Spirit Hunters, Inc, we have a handy video from 2010, where Nic introduced “our most ambitious title to date” – hoping to have the game out by “February next year”.

…hopefully, the next time we chat, we’ll be able to get our grubby paws all over not only Spirit Hunters, but also both new versions of escapeVektor as well!

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