European Nintendo Direct: Friday June 22

If you’re still not happy with the amount of Nintendo information you’ve been given over the past few weeks, the company is back, with a European edition of Nintendo Direct taking place in just a few hours!

It’s set to kick off at 1pm Friday, Japanese Standard Time – that is, 2pm in Sydney, 5am in London, and any interested Americans will have to tune in on Thursday – 9pm PST or midnight EST (that’s first thing Friday morning, technically). Better get ready if you want to catch this one!

The timing is a little unusual, but Satoru Shibata has sent over a Letter Box message to let you know why, via his 3DS.

Shibata – President of Nintendo of Europe – will be hosting the live broadcast, which promises to contain “new info, trailers and other news about the latest games”.

As you may suspect, this European Nintendo Direct will be focussed primarily on the European / PAL market, but we’re hoping there might be some nifty non-region-specific details thrown in.

Want to watch? Head to the European Nintendo Direct website, or tune in to the Nintendo UK Ustream. If you missed it, selected videos will be released later via the Nintendo eShop.

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