RAGE: The Scorchers hints at new content

One of the perils of creating games to a deadline means that there are some elements that just won’t make it into the final copy. In the case of RAGE, this meant that a clan of bandits known as the Scorchers were left out, despite appearing in early versions of the game.

However, the Scorchers are not doomed to a life on the cutting room floor, with European video game rating system PEGI seemingly uncovering plans to reinstate the bandit clan, via whatever means necessary.

RAGE: The Scorchers

The Scorchers, as they were meant to appear in RAGE

RAGE: The Scorchers has recently been given a PEGI 18 rating, citing “Extreme violence” and “Strong language”. The otherwise unannounced title, promising online content, references ZeniMax and Bethesda as its European publishers.

So – Scorchers. Is this a new DLC pack? Is this an expansion for the 2011 game? We have contacted Bethesda for comment, but – until then – theorise away.

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