Okami remaster confirmed for PS3, Move

Okami is getting the PS3 high-def treatment, with a remastered version of the wolfy action-adventure officially on the way from Capcom.

Originally developed as one of the last games for the PS2, and later re-released for Wii, Okami was as much a work of art as it was a video game. Boasting a unique sumi-e inspired cel-shaded art style, the game was showered in critical acclaim which unfortunately did not directly relate to consumer sales.


Perhaps a new console will perk things up a bit – Famitsu has confirmed the new version is in the works, titled Okami Zekkie-ban, loosely translated as Okami Magnificent Version. This version will be in full 1080p HD, complete with support for PlayStation Move for those sweeping brush strokes.

Currently only confirmed for a Japanese release this November, we’re hoping Capcom and the relevant parties decide to bring this magnificent wolf to the west.

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