11 Video Interview: New Little King's Story

King Corobo’s story didn’t end when the credits rolled on Little King’s Story, the terribly under-rated 2009 RPG released exclusively for Wii. No, our favourite mini-monarch continued to rule over the beautiful land of Alpoco despite the closure of development studio Cing and the departure of key development staff Yasuhiro Wada and Yoshiro Kimura.

Three years later, the now not-so-Little King is back, in New Little King’s Story, and big changes are afoot! Besides the obvious changing of the guard in terms of development team, and the fact King Corobo and the princesses have grown up a bit, New Little King’s Story is headed to an all new platform! We caught up with Gregg Nolan from new publisher Konami to discuss why the new game’s made the leap to the PlayStation Vita.

Our time with the actual game was pretty short, but New Little King’s Story has jumped onto the Vita with gusto. Designed from the ground up for the new platform, we were presented with a number of control options – so while we tested out the touch screen capabilities, we ended up resorting to the face buttons to better appreciate the in-game artwork without getting fingerprints all over it. This is important, because the artwork itself – while completely different to the original game – is stunning, taking inspiration from other contemporary JRPGs on the market. I was sad to see the Little King grow up and out of his children’s book art style, but his new look is probably one that will win him more fans overall.

…and despite all the changes, New Little King’s Story is awfully similar to the old Little King’s Story – right down to the return of the terrifying skeleton cow.

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