11 Video Interview: Where's My Water?

Swampy is an alligator who lives beneath the city. He loves to be clean, but his mean alligator neighbour Cranky finds a way to sabotage his showers. This is where you step in – helping to direct nearby water into the pipe leading to Swampy’s bathtub. While it might be simple to start off with, it gets more and more complicated as you progress, with poison, ooze and steam all added to the mix – as well as moving parts, water balloons, spikes and a veracious species of algae.

Swampy is also the first original Disney character created for a mobile game, and has his own line of merchandise, including plush toys, iPhone covers, figurines and clothing – and it’s all come from one simple game: Where’s My Water?.

Earlier this month, Swampy escaped from the sewers and hung out at E3 with Bart Decrem, SVP and GM of Disney Mobile. We tracked them both down for a chat – touching on both Where’s My Water and the future of Disney Mobile, but also a little about Bart’s background, which is fascinating by itself.

For the non-believers: It’s worth noting that the first time I heard about Where’s My Water, I wrote it off. “I’m a grown-up gamer,” I scoffed. “Why would I want to play a new iPhone game from Disney about a character I’ve never met?”

Soon after that, I visited my four-year-old friend Gabe. Over lunch, he told me enthusiastically about a new game he’d been playing with his mum on her iPad. The game was called “Alligator Shower”, he told me as he dug out the tablet and demonstrated how it all worked. I was hooked. The blend of physics, puzzle-solving, innovative controls and adorable characters was killer. I went home and bought my own copy and set about tri-duckin’ each level.

Where’s My Water? is out now for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and all Android phones, and Where’s My Perry? is due out by the end of this month. If all of that underground action gets a little too much, Temple Run: Brave is also out now, for iOS and Android.

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