Anarchy Reigns delayed until 2013

Last year, Anarchy Reigns was a highlight of the Sega booth at E3 2011. Twelve months later, the game is finished, preparing for release, and yet was nowhere to be seen. Instead, we’re given the news that the localised release of the game has been delayed, and Anarchy Reigns will not be hitting Western shelves until 2013. (If you’re in Japan, don’t worry, you’ll get your hands on it in the first week of July.)

[img_big]center,7432,2011-08-17/23701AR_GAMESCOM_003.jpg,Anarchy Reigns[/img_big]

The official Sega Twitter has confirmed to questioning souls that the game is still headed outside of Japan, it’ll just take a little while longer.

The release of Anarchy Reigns has been re-evaluated. We now expect to launch in Europe and America in Q1 of 2013.

…the news is confusing to western audiences, as Q1 2013 is already over-crowded with high-profile game releases, meaning the somewhat-niche Anarchy Reigns faces the risk of being lost in the crush.

Sega has not commented on why it felt the re-evaluation was necessary, or why it felt the Q1 spot was so important. Platinum Games has already expressed its disappointment, with Jean Pierre Kellams commenting:

We really wanted everyone around the world to play at the same time, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

Still, the news does not mean gamers will totally miss out on a new Platinum fix this year – Project P-100 is still in the works, and will be available alongside the Wii U by the end of 2012.

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