Draw Something scribbles new TV deal

Draw Something may be losing millions of players each month, but it’s about to gain a whole bunch of new fans, thanks to Ryan Seacrest and CBS, who have signed a deal to bring the mobile game to tv.

The plan is simple: Draw a picture to illustrate a word for your teammate to guess. That’s it.

Teams of celebrities and the occasional real-world contestant will step up to the big screen to test their drawing skills in front of a studio audience. Fans are also able to play along at home, winning prizes and the accolades that come with beating celebs at their own game.

It’s an idea we’ve seen before, and one which has worked well in the past – even without the Zynga/OMGPOP branding. This time around, it’s anticipated the game will also feature a 21st century spin – enabling viewers to use their phones and tablets along with the gamers on their tvs. (Unsurprisingly, there’s been no announcement on just how that’ll all work out yet.)

While no official timeframe has been announced for Draw Something, CBS is the winner of a heated bidding war on the topic, and according to Variety is expected to fast-track the game show’s development accordingly – perhaps seeing the show launching in early 2013.

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