Fez update grows ever-nearer, after delays

In some sort of strange, poetic twist, Fez is back in the headlines today as developer Polytron reassures fans that the long-awaited update for the game is still coming, any day now. While gamers wait, they can check out Fez‘s development process in Indie Game: The Movie, which launched yesterday on Steam.

Anyway. The patch. It was planned a couple of months ago, but things took longer than expected. Then, Polytron submitted the update for the Xbox game to Microsoft on May 17th, to receive the necessary certification. A few days later, it entered the certification process, and by May 25th it had been rejected because of “two critical issues”.

According to Polytron:

One of them was resolved quickly, the other one (a random crash when upgrading the game from trial to full game) was impossible to reproduce or test on my side. We tried with MS to get the issue ignored because I had no tools to resolve it, but after weeks nothing moved.

Fast-forward to last week, and Polytron “finally” got access to a new testing method – one which enabled the reproduction of the nasty crashing bug. With just a few clicks, the issue was fixed, and with a few more, it was sent back to Microsoft to be certified. Again.

Now that those wheels are (back) in motion, the patch is due out in a couple of weeks at the earliest – so don’t expect it to arrive before July. Funnily enough, that’s also when you can anticipate a full changelog – how about that?!

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