Resonance demo out now: Point, click, remember

A brilliant (and modest) particle physicist has died unexpectedly, and his terrible new technology now looks like it may fall into the wrong hands! It’s up to these four characters to find the dead scientist’s secret vault before the time runs out and the world as we know it is lost forever.

…at least, that’s how it works in Resonance, a nifty little indie game from developer Vince Twelve. He’s been working on the project for five years now, and with a little help from Wadjet Eye Games, it’s now a reality. Even better than just being a reality? It’s a playable demo that you can grab and check out – perhaps set it to download while you take a look at this trailer!

(Sound familiar? Fans of Bastion might recognise that voice actor – narrator Logan Cunningham plays a key role in Resonance, too.)

This is more than just your average point-and-click adventure (although Twelve admits a certain level of inspiration). This time around you’ve got memory systems to contend with – both long-term and short-term – which means each of the four characters (each one simultaneously playable) can collect memories and use them in their conversation and puzzle solving options.

While we’ve been waiting five years for Resonance, we won’t be waiting much longer – the game is due out on June 19th exclusively for PC, and you can plonk down a pre-order at either Wadjet Eye Games or – a version is also coming for Steam, but we have no release date for it just yet.

For less than $10 you can grab Resonance, a bunch of wallpapers, a digital poster, a behind-the-scenes video and developer diaries, plus an MP3 soundtrack – or you can fork out a little more to get the physical copy which comes with a real printed poster to stick on your wall.

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