11 Video Interview: Epic Mickey 2

One of the most impressive things we noticed at E3 was the level of respect that Disney developers hold for their characters. They speak about Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Swampy the Alligator with love and admiration, the same way you’d describe dancing with Astaire or acting with De Niro. This emotion pours through into the games and projects the studios work on, and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is no exception.

Starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Epic Mickey 2 sees Mickey Mouse returning to the cartoon wasteland in what is perhaps the first video game musical of all time. While at E3, we spent a little time with Mickey’s magic brush, before chatting with Junction Point animator Christian Sheppard about his experiences.

So, that’s that. The man who animated the dancing brooms, from start to finish. Of course, the brooms (made famous in The Sorceror’s Apprentice) play a crucial role in Epic Mickey 2, which starts out as everybody’s favourite Mouse re-discovers his magic paintbrush and prepares to return to the wasteland.

It’s okay though, Mickey’s far from alone in this adventure! Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is joining his adopted brother in an all-new drop in/drop out co-op experience for Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 (with Move!).

Having explored Epic Mickey 2 a little (on Xbox 360, sorry – no Move review here!), we’re happy to report that the “musical” element of the game is much less intrusive than we were afraid of. There’s not a lot of singing, and what’s there is lovely and well-timed. All the songs are Disney-inspired (of course!), and in true modern style, the choices you make in-game will impact on how each tune plays out. The power is in your fingertips to conduct your own soundtrack – will you solve the problems with paint, or with thinner?

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