THQ promises uDraw tablets will not be buried

With a comment that’s just made for headlines, new president of THQ Jason Rubin has announced that the company’s ill-fated uDraw tablets will not be trashed. The peripheral cost THQ more than $100 million and set in motion a company restructure which closed studios, axed projects and cost hundreds of jobs (including, arguably, Rubin’s predecessor, Danny Bilson).

[img_big]center,5688,2011-11-30/MaggieParr_MonaLisa.jpg,Mona Lisa via uDraw[/img_big]

The current plan will see the remaining 1.4 million uDraw units sold by Christmas, thanks to a price drop or two. Rubin laughs as he confirms he will not be following in Atari‘s extra-terrestrial footsteps:

We won’t be burying these in the desert.

Rubin spoke recently to Polygon, where he explained the thoughts at THQ regarding the tablet: While their version was good, there was another product which hit the market soon after that was – simply put – better.

Don’t create a drawing tablet right before they release an iPad. That’s a pretty good takeaway.

In order to avoid this sort of mistake in future – and to help calm some of the fears surrounding THQ‘s outlook, Rubin sent out an email to everybody in the company asking them to share their concerns and thoughts. Six and a half hours of reading time later, he says he has a much better idea.

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