Apple Design Awards honour video games

After last week’s festivities, all eyes are now on San Francisco for Apple‘s annual World Wide Developer Conference. While the hardware announcements have divided the crowd (significant changes to the MacBook Pro range, among others), everybody seems to agree that this year’s Apple Design Awards have gone to some pretty deserving recipients – and the fact that a bunch of video games are included makes the deal all the more sweet.

[img_big]center,8322,2011-08-10/2.jpg,Jetpack Joyride[/img_big]

2012 ADA Winners:

Student Winners:
Little Star by BiBoBox Studio
daWindci by Reality Twist GmbH

Mac Winners:
DeusEx – Human Revolution by Feral Interactive Ltd
Sketch by Bohemian Coding
Limbo by Playdead

iPhone Winners:
Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios
National Parks by National Geographic
Where’s my Water? by Disney

iPad Winners:
Paper by FiftyThree, Inc
Bobo Explores Light by Game Collage, LLC
DM1 the Drum Machine by Fingerlab

While video games have traditionally picked up a gong or two at the awards night, it’s most often in gaming-specific categories. 2012 marks the first time the elusive Mac category has been dominated by games, with both Deus Ex and Limbo walking away beaming winners.

Games also took out two spots in the iPhone category, with Australia’s own Halfbrick Studios zooming its way to the podium, alongside Disney‘s newest superstar, Swampy from Where’s My Water.

Swampy, from Where's My Water

Swampy, from Where's My Water

These winners come mere hours after the Apple keynote, which also featured a glimpse of Diablo III on-screen as an illustration of the new Mac’s Retina display. We’re not sure what’s more exciting: Apple developers taking video games more seriously, or gamers finally accepting the Mac as a valid gaming platform.

(By the way: Disney Mobile had a strong presence at E3 last week, and we had a lengthy chat with VP of Mobile Gaming, Bart Decrem – if you want to know more about where Swampy came from, where he’s headed, and how the team reacted to the success of Where’s My Water, stay tuned later this week!)

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