11 Video Interview: FIFA 13 [Mobile]

FIFA 13 was one of the jewels in the EA crown at E3 2012, with everybody focussing heavily on the console release of the game. We took a slightly different path, heading to EA Mobile to check out a much smaller version, in the works for mobile devices at the developer’s Romanian studios.

Compared to FIFA 12, you’ll get a bunch of graphical improvements, new controls (which make it easier to perform some pretty speccy moves), the option to change tactics with a mere swipe, and an overhaul of the Manage Your Team screen.

To chat about this – and all the other cool new stuff that’s been packed into this tiny package, we caught up with Lucian Cotreanti while in the EA Mobile booth.

As Lucian touched on, EA Sports Football Club will be included in FIFA 13. The functionality was bundled up with FIFA 12, but it too has undergone some radical changes for its mobile gaming debut. This time around, it provides functionality across platforms, so you’ll be earning experience points regardless of where you’re playing the game: Your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or HD console.

…plus, the Football Club provides gamers with a number of challenges based on or inspired by real life events – meaning it’s your chance to revisit history, or rewrite it if you didn’t like the ending. All this, and it fits right in your pocket

This week, it’s E3 time – and for Player Attack, that means plenty of videos for you to watch. To see what we’ve been up to, check the E3 2012 events page, or hop over to our Blip.tv channel.

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