11 Video Interview: World Series of Poker

It seems there are as many variants on the poker game as there are card sharks in the infested waters, but now a new kid has arrived on the block: World Series of Poker, for Facebook. EA Mobile has gone all-in on this one, creating an authentic World Series of Poker experience – complete with virtual rings and bracelets – all tied into one handy dandy little Facebook app.

There’s Texas Hold ‘Em, of course – but also the brand new Omaha gameplay style as well. Plus, if you’re very well-behaved, you might get a surprise: New fun things to wear, musical accessories, and a sweet little bundle of extras for you to pick up.

To celebrate both this successful launch, prepare for a new one and generally get an idea of what the studio is up to, we caught up with Jeff Anker, who has been working with the title at EA Mobile for a while now.

We can hear productivity steadily decreasing around the world – but particularly in Australia, Singapore, Canada, Sweden, Turkey and Finland, where WSOP has already hit.

This week, it’s E3 time – and for Player Attack, that means plenty of videos for you to watch. To see what we’ve been up to, check the E3 2012 events page, or hop over to our Blip.tv channel.

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