11 New Gears of War to be revealed at E3

Just in case you needed an extra reason to look forward to E3 next week, Epic and Microsoft have dropped a bombshell: The next Gears of War release will be announced as part of a pre-Expo press event scheduled for Monday morning, Los Angeles time.

The announcement-of-an-announcement was revealed by Game Informer, who confirmed the game will grace the cover of the magazine’s next issue, also out next week. While still keeping the title and a handful of details under wraps, one thing is certain: We are returning to the Gears universe with this new Xbox 360 exclusive.

Gears of War cover of Game Informer

Who is that? Why is he in chains?

Last year’s Gears of War 3 was widely recognised as being the final game in that particular story arc, which hints that this new title will fit in somewhere new. An on-rails Kinect-enabled spin off from the franchise – Exile – was in development but has since been scrapped.

Current theories suggest that Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly is behind the scenes on this one, which is potentially the first part of a prequel trilogy. Nothing’s been confirmed, denied or officially announced at this stage though, so sit tight – we’ll have all the news for you live from the Microsoft pre-E3 press event Monday morning!

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