DARK: A vampire sci-fi teaser trailer with a bite

Vampires. Survival Horror. Action. RPG. Stealthy. These are some of my favourite things. DARK looks to bring these all together. Realmforge Studios have been working on this upcoming game to be published by Kalypso Media have now released a teaser trailer with all the juicy “I want more” feelings.

The trailer is just a teaser, but it does show off from nice, yet early, graphics as well as setting the mood for the game.

The best part is, you get to play as a vampire named Eric Bane who just happens to have lost his memory and is trying to work out ho to be a vampire. While on the track for who you are, hunting those who hunt you in a stealthy dark world, your skills and abilities will increase as you look to find out more about a mysterious corporation GeoForge and your own past. Playing as an Anti-hero seems like a cool idea, but when you get to be a vampire and jump around, it sounds better.

So get those fangs ready and take the garlic out of dinner, DARK is scheduled for release early 2013 on the PC and Xbox 360.

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